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Laurie G, LMSW, Geriatric Care Manager
“I am fortunate, as are my clients, to be working with Nancy. She is a highly ethical and exceptional professional. She possesses a rare combination of financial expertise, a keen eye for detail, as well as being a caring and compassionate woman. My clients who have used her services sing her praises, and many times she is able to save them significant sums of money because of her professional oversight.”
Jane T., Christmas Card
“Dear Nancy: The gift I give you is my boundless appreciation of who you are in my life and what you have been able to do for me as I grow more and more harassed with the deterioration of my eyesight. With great affection,”
Lucille A., Business Monthly Interview
“Dad liked and trusted her very much, and he wasn’t one to say too much about anyone. Nancy really helped me by being there for my dad for financial and some personal issues, since I lived many states away from him in his later years and was unable to help as much as I would have liked to.”
Mike D., Seniors Presentation Attendee
“Nancy, thank you for an inspiring presentation last week. It is exciting to see such passion for one’s work! I’ve told many already that I’ve come in contact with a dynamic lady!”
Lynne G.
“Nancy continues to assist me every year with my 90-year-old mom’s income tax return information by organizing it, looking for missed deductions to save money, and making files for me to use for future years so I can keep an easier set of records. She also has referred other home care services when we needed them, and has always been ready to assist whenever I needed answers or some kind of help.”
Katrina A.
"Nancy Hawes was recommended to me by my mother's geriatric care manager when my mother's bills and finances were at an overwhelming point. From my first conversation with Nancy, her professionalism and expertise were clear, and her specialization in accounting and bookkeeping for seniors quickly struck me as both a genuine calling for her as well as filling a great need in the elder population. She is top flight in integrity, skill, and compassion, and I'm grateful we had her on board for my mom's finances. If you know of any seniors who are having trouble keeping up with their personal finances, have them talk to Nancy. I hope I will have someone like her in a few years when I need this kind of help!"

Affiliations Include:

Senior Exploitation and Abuse Quick Response Team (SEAQRT)
Senior Alliance for Education (SAFE)
Greater Lansing Estate Planning Council
Blue Star Mothers

Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Ambassador
Meridian Area Business Association (MABA)
Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM)

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